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How to view CoastARs:

  • Avoid light reflections:

  • Make sure there’s absolutely nothing in the way of the entire marker
  • Disabling Low Power Mode for highest-quality viewing
  • And make sure there’s enough light in the area to see the marker!


What is a QR code?

A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a block-like image readable by mobile devices. The ones on CoastARs are a shortcut to direct users to the website, without them needing to type in the URL. You can easily recognize QR codes when a black-and-white blocky square has 3 corners with the same square pattern. 

What is an AR marker?

AR markers are images programmed into AR experiences, as a sort of physical target in the real world that your mobile device will attach the AR to. In the case of CoastARs, each CoastAR is a simple marker. These look a lot like QR codes but are designed with special attention to asymmetry and simplicity so that they are quickly tracked in 3D space. The CoastARs AR markers all have colored designs on them:


Optimal ways to view CoastARs

-No lights shining on them! Make sure the AR marker is clearly visible, with the black parts not reflecting any light.

-Don’t view in a super shaded area, either. Make sure there is adequate lighting in your environment. 

-If you are navigating between different Worlds on your mobile device, please be sure to use the little back arrow at the top of the page, instead of using your browser’s back button.


What is AR?

AR stands for Augmented Reality. You may be familiar with it from playing Pokemon Go, or using Snapchat Lenses or Instagram Filters. AR is a digital overlay on top of reality, as seen from a mobile device’s camera — therefore augmenting it! 


How do CoastARs work?

Thanks to the magic of AR.js, an open-source web AR platform made by Jerome Etienne and maintained by Nicolò Carpignoli and the AR.js community, CoastARs are completely web-based AR! Since it works in-browser, they don’t require any apps to be downloaded. Your mobile device sees the AR marker and then plops the appropriate 3D animated model on top of it. 


How do I take a screenshot or screen recording?


  • To take a screenshot, press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously (or if you have an older phone with a Home button, press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously).
  • There are instructions at the bottom of this page for how to set up screen recording.


  • This page explains how to take a screenshot and set up screen recording.


I receive an error when the page loads.

You probably have high security settings on your browser, telling it to never allow camera access. If your phone is from before 2016 (or running an operating system from that time), CoastARs sadly will not work. This could also be a result of denying camera access when you first open the webpage; if it persists, you may need to delete the coastars.fun website data from your browser’s settings.

-iOS fix: Go into Settings. then Safari. Scroll to the bottom, and under “Settings for Websites” you’ll find Camera. This setting is most likely set to “Deny” on your phone; change it to “Ask” and then CoastARs should work! If you are using a browser other than Safari, hopefully it has a similar setting to change.

-Android fix: This page should contain some useful information. 


Everything’s too zoomed in.

Ah, an ever-elusive Android issue! If you are using the Samsung browser, please try using another browser like Chrome. This is a known bug. Please write in a bug report and mention what phone and browser you’re using, if it is not the Samsung browser issue; you may receive follow-up emails asking to test a fix. If you aren’t having luck with Chrome, Firefox may be a better browser to view CoastARs through; and if it allows you to select which camera to view, cycle through until you find one that looks best on your mobile device.


My problem isn’t listed here!

Then let’s do what we can to fix it! Please fill out a bug report