ZillAR World!

What’s that rumbling? Why, there’s a Zilla on the loose!

Easily accessible from the World navigator on the launch screen (first page when you access coastars.fun on your phone), simply tap the ZillAR button to activate this new World. Depending on time of day, the buildings may be lit up differently! 😉

This World is different from the Forest Friends and KitTEA Cats in that it’s designed to be a playset. There’s one Zilla, 2 Helicopters and 3 City Pieces that can all be arranged together to make a scene.

There are some videos on the CoastARs Instagram account of ZillAR in action! (Follow if you aren’t already)! And there’s also a TikTok of using CoastARs from QR code to ZillAR.

If you take screenshots or recordings, be sure to tag #CoastARs!
Stay tuned for more World updates!

CoastARs launch!

Today, some Kickstarter backARs have started receiving their CoastARs! A few of you have even submitted photos of your CoastARs in action! Thank you, this is so exciting!

Thanks Robin & David!

If you have received your CoastARs and have been having fun taking screenshots or screen recordings of them in use, please tag #coastars (and @CoastARs on Instagram)! These may get re-posted to the official CoastARs social media channels! Let’s share your CoastARs moments with the world!

As of now, CoastARs are not for sale– but probably will be within a couple of weeks. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates not just for when they’re in stock, but also for seasonal Worlds updates!

Make sure to check in on your Forest Friends day and night to see what they’re up to, and keep checking back for updates to the Worlds– a LOT is in store! And don’t forget– owning one pack of CoastARs unlocks all the Worlds for you!

Thanks for all your support, and I hope you enjoy CoastARs!